How to Charge an Electric Scooter: Common Mistakes to Avoid

How to Charge an Electric Scooter: Common Mistakes to Avoid
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Purchasing an electric scooter is indeed an enthralling experience. However, you need to learn few things that will help you maintain its performance. The first important thing to learning is on how to charge an electric scooter. The efficiency of your battery will determine the performance of your scooter.

So, how do you charge your best electric scooter for commuting and ensure it is charged properly? This article offers 6 common mistakes that you should avoid when charging your electric scooter to ensure that it performs well.

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Charging your Scooter

Mistake #1: Not Reading the Manual

This is the most common mistake of almost everyone. I also find reading manuals extremely boring. While it is not an entertaining activity, you need to check on the manual that comes with the electric scooter as it is essential in learning how to charge your scooter. Each brand of scooter comes with specific requirements and you need to understand that before you begin the activity. Use few minutes to go through the manual and understand how the charging procedure goes.

Mistake #2: Not taking your battery out

One of the worst mistakes that you can do is not taking your battery out. If you charge your battery while on the electric scooter, the housing is going to heat up swiftly and it can heat up and become unusable. So, avoid being lazy and take your battery out before you charge it. It will enhance both your safety and also ensure that your scooter performs well.

Mistake #3: Ignoring the Charging Indicator

The manufacturer’s places a charging indicator there for a good reason. Ensure that you keep an eye on the indicator to check if it’s charging or not. If it turns green, then you’re ready to unplug as the battery is 100%. Don’t unplug your charger until it shows a green light on the indicator.

Mistake #4: Not charging it frequently

Ensure that you charge your electric scooter well or it will lose the juice. In most case, I would advice that you charge after every session. Whether you travel for a long or short trip, you should ensure that you charge the battery well after your ride. By charging it frequently the chemicals in the battery will be recycled for everything to run impeccably and maintain its durability.

Mistake #5: Running the Battery Out

If you’re used to running the battery out before charging it, then you’re looking forward to destroying your electric scooter. I would suggest that you ensure that your electric scooter battery doesn’t go below 10%. Running the battery out reduces the functionality of the battery. Be a smart ride and ensure that you charge you battery frequently.

Mistake #6: Lack of Testing the Battery before Putting It In

The last common mistake is lack of testing the battery before you put it in. Numerous people remove the battery, charge it to 100%, and then they put it back into the housing blindly. Ensure that you read the manual and know how to put it back. Also, test the battery to ensure it is in good shape.

General Battery Charging Advice

  • Always charge your battery one hour after the ride. Ensure that you let it to cool before you recharge it and this will greatly surge its lifespan over time
  • Always ensure that you charge it using a certified smart charger. Using the wrong type of charger as it damages the battery
  • If you can, monitor the charging procedure
  • If you store the battery for long, ensure that you fully charge it before storage. Ensure that you recharge the electric scooter once a month whilst it is in storage
  • If the charger doesn’t work perfectly, you should replace it as soon as possible



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