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Basic golf rules

Golf just like any other game has its set of rules. In fact, golf has numerous rules that are well documented in a hand book. However, you don’t need to understand all the rules for you to effectively play the game. Here are basic rules that every beginner or professional should understand:

10 Basic Golf Rules

  1. Club in your Golf bag – You’re permitted to carry about 14 clubs in your best golf carry bag during a competitive round. It is allowed to carry less golf clubs but additional clubs are not allowed. Therefore, it is important to check the content in your bag before you start playing your game. Any extra club can cost you penalty strokes for each hole that you play.
  2. You should play within the radius of the tee – It is true that the first tee shot is usually daunting even for pro golfers. So it is vital that you tee up behind and between the front of the suitable markers. It is normally yellow for men and red for women.
  3. Avoid to play the wrong golf ball- Playing the wrong golf ball could lead to loss of hole in singles and this results to a two stroke penalty in a stroke play. In order to avert such as penalty, it is important to mark your ball using personalized symbols so that they can be distinctive.
  4. Green rulings– There are various rules to follow once in the green. The rules such as when the ball comes to rest, you can mark it using a coin, lift it, and clean the ball but you should recall to place it in the exact spot.
  5. Unplayable lies – In case you golf ball come to a resting position, then you need to have three choices. The rules dictate that you either hit another golf ball from the previous shot, drop the ball within two golf clubs, or drop ball from behind.
  6. No way back from an out of bounds – In case you believe that a shot has gone into a water hazard or OB, you can always play a provisional shot and declare it. You always have five minutes to search for the ball and if it is lost and you can’t find it, you can save the precious time by continuing to play the provisional ball despite of getting a one stroke penalty.
  7. Seek advice – It is against the rules to ask any person how to hit a ball and you’re also restricted to give advice to other people on the same. Nonetheless, you can ask on data on the rules, positions or distance of the flag stick or hazards.
  8. Score Correctly – At the end of every stroke play round, it is necessary that you ensure that your card is correctly completed. A correct score is done by comparing the scores that you have marked on a playing partner’s card with the ones she or he has recorded.

After the agreement, the card must be signed by each party as the exact record of each hole. In case of incorrect score cards where lower scores are included and those that are unsigned will result to disqualification.

  1. Definition of a correct ball striking – Hitting the ball is majorly viewed as a matter of skills but it is something that is governed by the rules of the game. For example, if you find yourself in a tough lie where you got an awkward stance, you may decide to strike the golf ball with the head of your club.

You are not permitted to scrape, flick, or spoon the ball in a style that cannot be described as a correct stroke. If you do this, you will get loss of holes in singles match play and a two-shot penalty in stroke play.

  1. You should always play your ball as it lies – Always play the ball the way it lies unless the laws permit you to do otherwise. The most popular exemptions entail loose impediments such as litter, loose twigs, leaves, and other obstructions such as drainage, paths, and sprinkles. This situation allows you to drop your golf ball within one club length at a point of relief.

Final Thought

Golfing is more than carrying an expensive or cheap golf bag and hitting balls. It is more of a display of skills guided by rules and etiquette. As you plan on visiting the golf course, it is important that you understand the basic rules of golf to avoid using points or getting disqualified.

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